Session: Cozying Up To Chaos: Getting Started with Web Governance in Higher Ed

Date: Thursday, January 31, 2019
Time: 10:00 - 10:45 am (CST) (UTC-06:00)
Location: Room 1
Format: General Lecture Session

Session description

“Governance” sounds like work. Like bureaucracy. Like "no". It doesn’t have to be this way. Governance is most effective when it looks like help and sounds like "yes". Governance should be empowering, enlightening, supportive of goals, and flexible enough to allow innovation.

But where do you start? How do you go from the wild wild west to cozy compliance when resources are tight and people are overtasked? In this streamlined version of my WPCampus 2018 St. Louis workshop we’ll talk about starting where you are - chaos in the content, stakeholder struggles, buy-in bellyaches - to build a non-invasive governance environment where stakeholder wish-lists and attainable goals are shaped into best practices and reasons to continuously improve together.

Together we’ll walk through frameworks, tasks, and training to help guide your stakeholders away from being people who put stuff on the website and toward being stewards of a mission critical institutional resource.


Shelley Keith

Headshot of Shelley Keith
Product Strategist, Modern Tribe

Shelley's career has taken her from a passion for technology to passionately advocating for the people who use technology. Spending many years working in higher education digital communications and marketing made her hyper-aware of the challenges at the intersection of successful web content and practices and the "other duties as assigned" quagmire. Today she's a digital strategist for Modern Tribe tackling enterprise content strategy and technology projects. Her web governance work is focused on higher education and non-profits with some enterprise lessons mixed in for good measure. She's made her Web Governance Through On-Demand Online Training program scripts & slides freely available and regularly posts her latest slide decks in a moderated Facebook group you're welcome to join.


  • General Lecture Session: Cozying Up To Chaos: Getting Started with Web Governance in Higher Ed